Guiding ideas

We are not only responsible for what we do,
but also for what we do not do.

Work safety, health and environmental protection

are a matter of course for our company's business. Using targeted measures, we continuously make efforts for continuous improvement of the standards that are achieved.


The customer assesses the execution and quality of our work. We use this assessment as the basis for continuous optimisation of project execution.


The motor behind our development are our employees. Our "DO IT BETTER“ campaign contributes to the critical observation of the workplace and the surroundings in order to generate improvement suggestions. Self-responsibility, team spirit, and good chances for advancement promote employee identification with projects and a productive work atmosphere.


Expertise and reliability form the basis of our partnership with our clients, vendors, authorities and the public.


The principle of comprehensive economy accompanies all our activities.
Efficient work approach, continuous improvement of productivity and optimum use of resources contribute to the success of our company and secures sustainability for the future.