Welding technology

Our welding technology optimises welding processes with respect to quality and economy. That means

  • Advising during cost estimation and project planning
  • Advising and assistance during project execution
  • Development and maintaining the qualification of our employees
  • Obtaining and, if necessary, extending approvals
  • Monitoring welding works and quality assurance on jobsites and in our production shop
  • Testing and introducing new welding technologies
  • Process checks as to DIN EN ISO 15614-1 for all conventional materials (C-steel with a strength
    of 485 N/mm², austenite / austenite-ferrous materials, heat-resistant steels)
  • Deployment of qualified welders with examinstions as to DIN EN 287-1 for usual welding processes, additional operating tests as to DIN EN 1418 for fully mechanical and automatic welding
  • Welding of all dimensions, wall thicknesses and usual processes

Orbital welding

Welding pipelines using the TIG orbital process with interior clamping fixtures

  • Materials: austenite and austenite-ferrous steels, Bubi-pipes
    (Duplex-Inliner, close-fit, in C-steel pipe)
  • Visual assessment of the root with a camera integrated with the clamping fixture
  • Cooling the weld seam with critical intermediate temperatures
  • Dimensions up to DN 250 x 4.5 mm without welding filler material, DN 250 x 9.0 mm with filler material,
    Bubi-pipes with dimernsions up to DN 200 x 14.0 mm (3.0 mm inliner)    


MAG STT welding - manual welding

Welding of pipes using the MAG-STT process (soft tension transfer)

  • Welding the root pass with large wire und impulse method, filling and final passes with metal powder filler wire in spray arc
  • Materials with a strength of up to 460 N/mm², dimensions from DN 200 to DN 750, wall thicknesses from 10.0 - 35.0 mm
  • Premium quality weld joints due to very uniform heating


Partial mechanical welding of large pipes

Pipelines or pipelines with combined E-manual for root/hot pass and MAG (full wire) for filling and final passes with partially mechanised pipeline welding equipment.
Welding the root STT with large wire and MAG (full wire) for filling and final passes using partially mechanised pipeline welding units.
The focus is on producing welded connections that fulfil special requirements while considering the optimum use of material and the optimisation of the welding speed with MAG and TIG orbital welding.

  • Materials: Ferrous materials incl. thermally mechanically treated fine-grain construction grade steel
  • Pipe dimensions: 16" (406.4 mm) to 64" (1625.6 mm)
  • Application in shop and jobsite production

Welding stainless steel

  1. Double-wall basin for cutting oil with leak monitoring:
    Holding capacity: 200 m³
    Material: 1.4571
    Client: Wintershall AG, Barnstorf
  2. Enhanced Oil Recovery Ölfeld Bockstedt
    Installation of the steel construction, installing the container, systems and pumps, pipeline installation, insulation work, commissioning and trial operation of the plant
    Material: 1.4571 and 1.4462
    Client: Wintershall Holding AG, Barnstorf

Titanium welding/Stade

Production and installation of a DN 400 titanium line
corrosion resistance, high strength at a low density (42% lighter than steel).
Client: DOW Deutschland Anlagengesellschaft mbH, Stade

Also our Location in Ilmenau works foremost in the area of optimisation and development of welding technology for pressurised pipes made of high-strength steels – especially with respect to welding technology and welding parameters.
The TÜV certification as to the German AZWV (Accreditation and Authorization Regulation for Education) enables various traning course possibilities such as

  • MAG orbital and TIG orbital welding in plant and pipeline construction as to EN 1418
  • Training for driving pipe layers 
  • Helpers in pipeline constructiion and
  • Pipeline construction manager in pipeline and plant construction

The practical training by our welding instructors has proven itself; the theoretical part is delivered by engineers.
The use of a high-speed camera and a thermal profile scanner and ultrasound testing using the Phased Array Method is standard.

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